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Wastewater grinder
 Pipeline Wastewater Grinder
 Channel Wastewater Grinder
 Single Drum Wastewater Grinder
 Double Drums Sewage Grinder
 Transmission Sewage Grinder
Solid waste shredder
MSW shredder
 Double shaft shredder
 Hook shredder
 Signal shaft shredder
 High speed Pulverizer/Granulator
Solid waste recycling system
 Municipal Solid Waste Sorting +RDF system
 Waste plastic crushing, washing, pelletizing recycling system
 Waste tire pulverizing, separating recycling system
 Printer and small appliances crushing, separating system
 Wire & Cable Pulverizing, Separating System
 Motor Stator &Rotor·Transformer Pulverizing ,Separating System
 PCB Pulverizing ,Separating System
 Copper and aluminum water tank pulverizing, separating system
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